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The top 5 reasons why corporate communications matter during periods of uncertainty​

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With the first month of 2023 in the history books, most people agree that an era of uncertainty does not end anytime soon.
While we can find many things to debate in how to navigate this period questioning the importance of corporate communications belongs to something other than the list filled with question marks.

We are covering below our top 5 reasons.


One can continue exploring more viewing angles. However, the broader picture is formed: we are entering a period where corporate communications matter the most, helping people connect with their teams, their peers, their communities, and obviously with the brands they trust.


1. In periods of uncertainty, companies need to move faster

As with all periods of crisis, there are better strategies than doing nothing and expecting the environment to change. Teams, companies, and organizations must respond faster to changes and opportunities and act on their data. This is easier said than done, requiring everyone to be on the same page. Company culture plays a significant role here, expressed with authentic internal communications outside the corporate lingo. External communications also significantly impact the employees, reflecting how the company assesses this period of uncertainty in servicing customers or exploring new opportunities. Silence or no communication amplifies uncertainty.

2. Leaders need to be heard

Leadership in trying times is even more significant than in happy days. But even on smaller teams, a leader can’t address everyone in 1-1 conversations, and she can only provide messages that resonate with external audiences with proper comms. A solid communication plan (there are many times that solid is not related to costly) differentiates teams, companies, and whole organizations from their competitors.

3. Customers need the most outstanding support ever

In our highly digitalized and interconnected economy, uncertainty affects more than one vertical industry or a niche market. Customers are also impacted and need to feel connected with the brands that have earned their trust. Communication is usually the most cost-effective way to support this kind of bonding with customers

4. Young talents need to accelerate their contribution to the team

We all understand the importance of people management, primarily via the lessons learned during the previous decade. Young talents’ contribution is essential and related to the inspiration they receive from experienced team members can be a significant factor in navigating a volatile environment. With a solid communication plan, this just can happen.

5. People need more information

Imagine yourself visiting a city for the first time. There is a significant degree of uncertainty for almost everything. How will you navigate? Consult your smartphone, an info desk, or a trusted local. In whatever you decide to do, you are just seeking credible information. Achieving your goal is highly related to the accuracy of the information you will receive in the most efficient way to make your plan.


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