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Taking a deep breath of R&R

When a few months ago we looked at our targets and expectations for 2020, we certainly did not expect to face the challenges of a range of changes redefining the way we work, adapting to the measures and constraints created by the global pandemic problem.  
 Having spent almost two thirds of the year, the time has come for summer respite, during which at least we will be able to take a breath, “fill our batteries” and get ready for the end of the year, which has brought many twists in everyone’s lives. 

In this environment, we believe that it is important to think that ‘we are still here’ and that it is more necessary than ever to try to help the less fortunate of us. Let us appreciate more the work of all those who are on the move, whether they are staff in the health system, people working in the transport, logistics and infrastructure sectors, who maintain the supply chain of goods, so as to minimize the impact on the regularity of our daily lives. 

With this in mind and expressing our great appreciation to our customers and partners for the work that, in these conditions, progresses, utilizes technology and adds value, we would like to wish you a great summer vacation, to find the time for the necessary rest, so that you can return to your obligations stronger and full of energy, to continue to support your loved ones and take your next steps in achieving your personal and professional objectives and ambitions. 

As for us, our offices will be closed from 10 to 23 August.

Have a great summer vacation!
The BrillantPR team

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