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Communication and work in a pandemic era

Companies leading or claiming leadership positions in the markets that are active must communicate with care and maturity, highlighting their know-how, internal organization, and social sensitivity.

Since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus, a global issue, on January 30, we have witnessed a continuous flow of statements, announcements and updates. Companies and organizations, especially those operating on a global scale, are announcing their response plans. As individuals, we need to act in order to limit the spread of the virus.
Along with everyday life, however, a new way of corporate communication is being formed. Given that time does not stop, companies must continue their activities by communicating with their partners and customers responsibly, contributing positively to dealing with the situation.
As in any crisis, inaction is never the best solution and a PR Agency with know-how can help companies with creative ideas in designing and implementing a communication plan updated to the daily changing situation.

Prevention & Procrastination

With an unprecedented situation in Italy, we can see that complacency and delay in taking necessary preventive measures – especially on the face of reducing mass movement- has dramatic consequences. Immediate action helps both the general public and supply chains to prepare better. Large and smaller companies have taken, albeit relatively expeditiously, measures to protect their personnel. They should have no doubt that consumers are positively assessing their responsible attitude.

Protecting corporate reputation

As expected, from the outset, it was not only the practical aspect of the measures and precautions taken by each company, but also the image it gives to the public, including customers, partners, shareholders, and investors, an image which should exude trust, responsibility, and confidence.
In this context of public relations, all kinds of private and public organizations, governmental bodies and ministries, educational institutions, local authorities, security bodies, civil protection organizations, commercial and professional chambers and associations, and of course, health units, hospitals and any other provider of social services.
The dual role of communication strategy in all the above cases is to inform and create clear instructions and guidelines properly, but also to create a positive climate, leading to calm and systematic actions and not to acts dictated by fear and panic. The enormous psychological importance of communication semantics can create or decisively influence the context in which large groups of the population act.

The new landscape of working

The other huge aspect of the current era is the forced change in terms of our work. As many sectors of the economy have already suffered a major blow, such as the mass entertainment market, sports, conference organization, with the corresponding negative economic consequences. Offices are empty, and employees are invited to work from home, taking advantage of the remote work capabilities now possible by technology.
Fortunately, Greeks are quite familiar with the use of digital technologies for communication, through social media*, as 3/4 of the population rely on the Internet to inform them, more than 8 out of 10 Greeks regularly visit the Internet, while even the relatively older ages, from 55-64 years old, use the Internet for their daily information and communication at more than 60%. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to us that the consumer is turning to online purchases and orders for the supply of goods and uses e-banking and mobile banking to process his transactions, payments, debts, etc.

Collaborative and project management tools


This familiarity with portable “smart” computing tools and web application platforms makes it easier to adopt professional communication, collaboration tools, and business process organization. The traditional e-mail is outdated since there are excellent collaboration platforms and project management platforms.
Web services, especially for teleconferences, are also available. For personal use, simple IM tools, and communication apps such as Skype, file sharing services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer can provide solutions depending on how sensitive the material is. And of course, if the size of the company is relatively large, then all applications can join a secure corporate cloud through a unified management platform.
In general, the impact of technology at the moment is significant, which is perhaps the only positive dimension in this unprecedentedly harsh situation.

Working together with an agency

In terms of professional counseling, an agency can guide the customer to adopt the appropriate tools to adapt it to the new reality we live in because of the pandemic. This cooperation in the majority of cases can take place seamlessly without requiring face to face appointments. It can also help in the development of a communication strategy. Crafting for the proper tone of voice that the company will use to address the needs of its customers and the general public can maintain the trust in the brand the name.
Digital communication tools can be used to create a communication flow that supports corporate needs and promotes corporate values. The protection of workers, partners and society imposes geographical restrictions but not restrictions on communication. On the contrary, focused and meaningful conversations distinguish real leaders from followers and the essential ones from opportunists or ephemeral partners.
Companies leading or claiming leadership positions in the markets that are active must communicate with care and maturity, highlighting their know-how, internal organization, and social sensitivity.
At BrilliantPR we have the necessary expertise and experience to guide you quickly devise your communication strategy during these difficult times. We will be happy to discuss with you and help you through this crisis, with the least possible consequences.
* Source: SEPE 

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