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Is organic growth a dream of the past? What success looks like today?

It seems we΄re witnessing the death of organic growth.

The continuous upheavals in the landscape of social media have disrupted the methods of communication and promotional strategy. One of the strongest “cards” at the hands of the advertisers, Facebook, has changed dramatically in the way it manages the brands and their visibility, in the last 5 or so years.
A few years ago, it was easier for a business or organization to promote their activities through their Facebook page, and there were various tricks to do that. Thus, the development was done in an organic way, without having to invest large sums of money on the well-known platform.
It is no coincidence that during this time, the first generation of Influencers, which emerged from Facebook, managed to gain visibility, without having any prior presence or experience in communication or marketing. Increase in advertising on Facebook, however, seems particularly difficult for corporate page, which find harder to communicate the desired message without investing heavily in targeted advertising.
It seems therefore that we are witnessing the death of organic growth.
The truth is that even without the interventions of Facebook managers, the visibility of corporate pages and posts becomes an increasingly difficult endeavor, as the number of platforms competing for the attention of users, constantly increase at an explosive pace.
At the same time, Facebook makes consistent efforts to regulate its algorithms, so as to reduce the visibility of brands that post low quality and small relativity content with user preferences. With this in mind, the organic development of the brand that we serve within Facebook, is becoming a increasingly problematic case.
Another parameter that makes the visibility of brands on Facebook more difficult is the effort of the platform managers to shape its character into more “user-centric“, promoting the content produced by the users’ communities themselves.
So, how do we continue to develop our presence, in an efficient way, despite the reduction of organic growth of our content?

  • We invest more in paid ads

The truth is that the only certain way to increase our visibility is to seriously invest in Facebook ads. A well thought-out and targeted advertising action that is well suited to the age and demographic data of our audience, is more likely to attract people, with a prospect of long-lasting engagement and brand loyalty.

  • We produce quality content

Although organic growth appears to be in a more disadvantaged position, it does not mean that it should be ignored. On the contrary, as the Facebook algorithm tends to promote quality and relative content, our goal should be the quality and not the quantity of our posts. Content that is related to the desires and activities of our audience, useful solutions and suggestions that provide meaningful answers to public questions, examples of applications of our clients’ solutions, call-to-action invitations, participatory actions and contact with influencers, have a greater chance of organic growth. Let us not forget that when most organizations and businesses follow a promotional plan in Facebook, what will make your page stand out is the content.

  • We utilize the network of executives and partners

As Facebook promotes people more than brands, it makes sense to leverage our professional and personal social networks to promote our communication activities, while being careful to avoid spamming. The use of professional networks such as LinkedIn will offer additional opportunities to disseminate our message, while the inclusion of our personal posts within our communication actions, via Facebook and Instagram, will give extra impetus to our campaign.

  • We act through the user groups

A very good idea is to disseminate our promotional messages within groups of users that are related, as directly as possible, to our customer’s products and services. This should, of course, be done in the smartest and most discreet way possible, as Facebook’s algorithms are becoming more effective in preventing spam posts, which force users to “like and subscribe”, and pressure them to make a purchase.
Two more, very good tips are:

  • The good timing of our promotional activities, but also…
  • The inclusion of content from multiple sources related to our client.

With regard to the appropriate timing of our actions, we should take into consideration the particularities of the market and the industry that our client operates in, in order to act ahead of product announcements, major sectoral reports, and of course before and during the holiday season.
On the other hand, the inclusion of useful and quality content that we edit and adapt from various sources, in the form of excerpts, blog posts and multimedia content such as videos, podcasts etc., is a great way to multiply our useful and quality content, which will have greater visibility and efficiency.
Do you also want to develop a successful communication strategy through Facebook and modern social networking platforms? At BRILLIANTPR We will guide you and utilize the experience and our extensive network, to spread your message to as many people as possible and with the best prospects of forming a stable and trustworthy audience.

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